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Uldrik Medallion Stand - Updated!

This stand is specially designed for Uldrik, whose shape keeps him from standing well in regular stands. His stand has a mini-shelf to keep him in place and has a unique form fitted design to enhance the display. Samples are shown with all of the available stand colors to show how the background affects especially the translucent Bones color options. A good rule of thumb is white looks good with everything, black looks good with all solids and can look good with some Bones (white skeletons especially), clear is ideal for unobtrusively displaying all solid options but is not ideal for Bones as colors behind the stand affect the medallion's color. Glass-look clear is an interesting option especially combined with green medallions!


- Updated with a dazzling array of colors in addition to the original clear, glass-look clear, black, and white.

- In the lower left corner of the color sample image it is difficult to see how opaque the frosted clear is, so a sample from another stand is shown.

- Mirror and wood finish options are not available on these permanently assembled stands.

Uldrik Medallion Stand - Updated!

PriceFrom $17.00
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