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Before assembling your shaped and v2 medallion stands, have a look at these tips to keep them looking and working good as new.

  • Pieces with narrow parts are very fragile! Avoid twisting, pinching, pulling or otherwise distorting the pieces, especially during assembly. Use firm but gentle pressure along edges, and if a piece isn't sliding into place look around to make sure everything is where it should sit. Some stands have a tighter fit than others, but they have all been checked before shipping and do fit together when properly aligned.

  • Plexiglass scratches easily - to keep your stands free of fingerprints or other distracting debris use a microfiber cloth. If they need a more thorough cleaning a wash and rinse using regular dish soap and just your hands, not a dish towel or sponge, will do the trick! Do not use any other cleaning agents on the stands.

Your stands come with the following parts: 


Each stand comes with two sets of clasps so that they can brace each other for shipping. Assuming both arrive unbroken, you'll have a spare!

Stands go together in a specific order, and there's a way to lay out your pieces to make the job easier. Check out this clicky ASMR video for a demonstration on a Cyclone stand:

Cyclone is one of the more complex stands to put together. If you have a stand with fewer pieces, the process is the same with some of the steps omitted.

  1. To start, set aside the spare clasps. Find the side of the base piece with the medallion's name on it. Flip it over so that it's upside down and turn it so that the top points left. (If you're left handed, it's probably easier to face the top to the right.)

  2. Lay out the brackets on the correct side - you can see how the tabs will fit to arrange them properly. If a stand has identical brackets, it does not matter which side they go on. Flip the brackets so that they face the base.

  3. Take the easel back and place either tab into one of the angled slots on the inside of one of the brackets. You can choose either angled slot: the slot that runs perpendicular to the bracket will display the medallion in a reclined position, and the slot that runs at an angle will have a more upright display. The video demonstrates the upright display.

  4. Slide the other bracket onto the easel back. (This is why the brackets are arranged facing the base, just flip the bracket up and it's in the right position without having to fiddle with it.)

  5. While pinching the ends of the easel back so the brackets don't fall off, align the brackets to their slots.

  6. For stands with a middle bracket - the one with the open angle slots - slide that piece into place, making sure the slot catches the easel back. This bracket has a tendency to get out of alignment, so check it if the stand isn't clicking together in the next step.

  7. To snap everything in place, keep your fingers on the easel back and lift up the base. In the video it appears I am pressing harder than I am - keep a light touch - just light enough to keep everything together. At this point, keep the stand pinched together at all times or it will fall apart.

  8. Next, grab a clasp. If your stand has multiple clasps, any one will do. If a stand has clasps of different shapes or sizes, they will be labeled top or bottom. Note which side has the little hook and position that on the back side of the stand. *Gently* slide it into place, checking from all angles where the hangup is if it stops sliding. You can see in the video that I found one of the clasps was slightly misaligned at the last slot - I just nudged it up and gravity did the rest.

  9. Repeat with the rest of the clasps and you can let go! The stand is fully locked together at this point and ready for display.

To take the stand apart, just repeat the process backwards, taking your time so that the parts don't get stressed and snap. It's a good idea to pick one position and leave it alone as much as possible to minimize wear and tear.



Photographing and displaying medallions is frustrating because display options are not ideal. Sometimes you can find a mini easel that works, but usually they're too bulky or flimsy, the brackets sticking out over your medallion are distracting, and unless they're square, medallions have a tendency to roll right off. Top heavy shapes are just out of luck.

I designed these stands to address all of these issues. The small sizes hide easily while still being large enough to be supportive. On v1 stands, the angle is as close to upright as possible, and v2 stands have 2 angle settings for an upright or reclined display. The solid, flat backs enable you to discretely use poster putty or your preferred removeable adhesive so that medallions not suited to standing can be easily displayed, or secure all of your little art pieces in case of earthquake or enthusiastic pets! 

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