Photographing and displaying medallions is frustrating because display options are not ideal. Sometimes you can find a mini easel that works, but usually they're too bulky or flimsy, the brackets sticking out over your medallion are distracting, and unless they're square, medallions have a tendency to roll right off. Top heavy shapes are just out of luck.

I designed these stands to address all of these issues. The small sizes hide easily while still being large enough to be supportive, and the construction is sturdy with no maddening fiddly parts. The angle is as close to upright as possible for ideal viewing, but still allows for top heavy medallions to stand with stability. The solid, flat backs enable you to discretely use poster putty or your preferred removeable adhesive so that medallions not suited to standing can be easily displayed, or secure all of your little art pieces in case of earthquake or enthusiastic pets! 

Micro stands are good for medallions up to 2 inches. 2 inch stands are ideal for medallions just over 2 inches to around 6.5 inches. The maximum size will vary depending on how balanced the medallion itself is, and multiple stands can be used if a little more support is needed. 2 inch stands are great for Medallionopoly and Cubequines. The large stand is designed for Minkiewicz Studios medallions which need a little extra height to accommodate their tails. They also offer more display space - 3 micro stands will fit under one large stand.