It's finally the new year and these seconds want to achieve their New Year's Resolution dreams and get finished! Some seconds have finished edges, and some will need their edges sanded smooth - what you get there is just the luck of the draw! None of the edges have significant problems. If a mold has multiple color options, you will have an opportunity to pick your color from those shown. If there is no option, there is only one color (or possibly just one medallion period) available. If you need some more information to make your decisions, there are details at the bottom of this page.


These are actually not seconds at all, but a handful of first quality finds! Some are tests, sometimes I just wind up with an extra from when multiples are cast for orders.



These are all medallions with perfectly cast fronts and something wrong with the back, mostly air bubbles. Some have nothing wrong other than a color bleed and are therefore more suited to painting than display as is. Tier As are typically effectively first quality castings, but I am very picky so they get put in the seconds box.


These include limited and small air bubbles or a slight surface blemish that needs light sanding before painting.


These have larger bubbles and/or more bubbles requiring more filling and prep work. These might also include imperfections from the other tiers like bubbles on the back.


These have significant air bubble or broken piece fixes needed.


Additional details:

Typical issues:

- Air bubbles, easily fixed with epoxy. Common places for bubbles are:

  - Chapoteo medallion in the left (non display) side nose and mouth

  - Chapoteo bust ears

  - Uldrik right side ear and bridle (rare)

  - Heather flowers

  - Valentine bit and reins

  - Rosie right side ear

  - Jingles right side ear, bells, lower edge

- Cast too thin, may require a little filling in on the back. Typically there is a rim of resin and it is just a matter of filling inside the depression.

Rare issues:

- Webbing - A small amount of white webbing on the back caused by a streak of partially mixed resin. It should be sanded out and patched before painting, but can be left alone for display as is.

- Air void - Some Chapoteo busts have a large air bubble below the surface. Fixing this is exactly like fixing air bubbles, it just requires more epoxy!

- Surface blemish - Unpainted resins will occasionally ship with a small surface imperfection that needs to be lightly sanded during prep, but resins that are sold as decorator pieces meant for display as is cannot be shipped with these blemishes. On multicolor medallions, occasionally one color will run where it's not supposed to go.

Problems you should NOT see - if one makes it through the quality control process please let me know and I will replace it

- Rough surface

- Pinholes with the exception of medallion backs. Note that Rosie was particularly susceptible to these for a time and if there are pinholes in the back, that does mean there are pinholes throughout. I tossed the worst ones and examined the fronts of all of the rest and they are fine, but if you sand through the surface, you will eventually uncover the holes so just take care when prepping these medallions.

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