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This page showcases the wide range of color samples that are not shown on individual shop pages. You can use this guide to dream up your own medallion color, bones, glitter, and vapor combos! Note that not all combos are available for all colors - some are untested because of possible color clashes. If you want a combo that is not available in the shop feel free to message me and I will test it.

Resin Special Effects:

  • Glitter - A fine silvery holographic glitter.

  • Pearl - Originally Specter and Aether used pearlescent powders as part of the formula, but they are now clear by default. You can choose to add a pearly fill to any resin color.

  • Vapor - Initially offered as Smoke where fine wisps of white billowed around the skeletons in a clear charcoal colored resin. Smoke is now offered without this Vapor effect by default, and Vapor can be added to any color! Vapor is fluorescent and glows under a blacklight.


Bones Special Effects:

  • Color shift - A black skeleton that changes to an oil slick multi-color with heat. It can be activated with just your hands!

  • Holo - A subtle silver-pewter with a holographic flash in the light.

  • Black Holo Sparkle - A black skeleton with holographic glitter flashes. This effect looks best when combined with a no glitter resin.

  • Cobwebs - Spooky silvery strands that are very noticeable on the skeleton, and if you look closely you can see the cobwebs delicately connecting between the bones.

  • Seaglass - Clear skeletons with a color tint. Bones in "white seaglass" or the same color as the resin are mostly invisible until placed in front of a light, where they make their ghostly appearance! Seaglass bones in a contrasting color have a wispy appearance without light.

  • Glow in the dark - These skeletons charge in daylight or well lit rooms, and can be quickly charged up under a blacklight. They will glow on their own for hours in the dark. Under normal light, the glow green effect is invisible on black, white, and fluorescent green, while the glow orange effect is invisible on fluorescent orange, mostly invisible on fluorescent pink, and light orange on white. 

  • Fluorescent - These are bright colors under regular lighting, and intense fluorescent colors under a blacklight.

  • UV - This is an invisible coating* under regular lighting, and fluoresces blue under a blacklight. *There is some variation - the UV coating transforms gold into an aged bronze look.


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