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Uldrik Horns - new!

Snowstorm - slightly translucent white horn with holographic black flake and an iridescent purple coating (one has a spooky-winter crossover green ombre!)

Siren Red - a perfect horn for this year's Siren color or any other unicorn in need of some black and holographic red spice

Phantom Purple - a clear purple horn with bits of fine silver holo glitter

Pewter Rose - this is a black horn with a warm pewter flake that flashes dark green

Jade - this horn is more intensely saturated at the base and fades to a lighter, more translucent green at the tip

Fluorescent Pink - I was trying to make horns for the new fluorescent skeletons but this was a color matching fail. I do not recommend it for fluorescent pink bones medallions, but it's still a pretty color! These have little flecks of glitter and flake stuck on from previous casts and are not just solid pink.

Uldrik Horns - new!

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