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Nerissa Medallion Stand

This stand is custom cut to show off your Kylee Parks "Nerissa" medallion. Since she is so large and heavy, the supports for her stand are made with a thick acrylic, and will come in clear, while the shaped background comes in the color you select


- The updated version 2 stands have 2 angle settings - one upright but still laid back far enough to keep most medallions from falling forward, and one laid back, ideal for viewing on lower shelves or tables.

- These stands come in a dazzling array of colors in addition to the original clear, glass-look clear, black, and white. Not shown in the sample image are regular clear, mirrored silver, and paintable wood which has an absorbent surface ideal for custom painted backgrounds!

- Also not shown are two new colors: midnight blue mirror, a gorgeous darker blue mirror than the original blue mirror (which remains available), and iridescent opal, a mindblowing combination of transparent, mirror, and opalescent flash depending on how the light hits it. Iridescent opal looks best in lighter colored shelving.

- In the lower left corner of the color sample image it is difficult to see how opaque the frosted clear is, so a sample from another stand is shown.

- Mirrored and opalescent stands have a mirror back with clear support pieces.

Nerissa Medallion Stand

PriceFrom $40.00
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