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Trick or Treat is back! This 8 day mini medallion box will help you count down to Halloween! These medallions may be tiny but they are mighty - each palm sized piece is around 2 1/2 inches (with one "Heckin' Chonker" coming in at a respectable 3 inches) and fully detailed just the same as if they were large. There's a wide variety of sassy and sophisticated steeds to satisfy everyone! There are six medallions - 5 brand new faces and 1 resculpted from scratch and completely updated vintage medallion. But that's not all! Every medallion has an alternate version so there's no telling which treats you'll get!

​Hold on you say, six medallions but 8 days? That's right, it just wouldn't be Halloween without a couple of TRICKS thrown in! Every set of 8 comes with a full set of 6 medallions, 1 variant each, and 2 tricks. If you're in the mood for just a bite-size set, the set of 4 comes with 3 random medallions and 1 trick. If you're ravenous for treats and want to guarantee a copy of every variation, you can throw a 16 pack in your bag at a special thank you discount.

​So you can see the detail packed in these pleasantly sized pieces, here's a preview of "Viento", the first medallion in the set. Viento is based off of a photograph by Karen Broemmelsick. These medallions are available until October 31st, and while they may be released in larger sizes in the future, now is your only chance to get them in this limited size. I expect to ship all orders placed by October 1st on or around October 9th to give them plenty of time to show up during the celebrations. Any orders placed after the 1st will ship as soon as possible.

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