Medallions are being cast to fill demand during the BreyerFest Artisan's Gallery (July 15-18) and during the event you can choose between plain white or fancy colors for no additional charge! Colorful medallions can be painted just like normal, or left as is in their vibrant colors. They can even be partially painted, leaving some of the colorful resin as part of the final look.


This 5 1/2 inch medallion features Meteor, a captivating Mustang stallion rearing in front of Monument Hill in Sand Wash Basin. Fifty percent of the sales of this medallion will go to the Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin, an organization leading the efforts to install the Van Gogh Legacy Fence, and repair and improve watering infrastructure. For more information on how these projects will help make Sand Wash Basin a safer and healthier place to live, please visit Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin.

​"Meteor" was based on a photo taken by Scott Wilson of WilsonAxpe Photography.

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A luscious wavy mane plays the backdrop to an elegant head in this 6 1/2 inch long Friesian stallion portrait medallion. Uldrik 457 comes in two versions, one with his presentation bridle, and one unbridled. Thanks to Samantha Dawn of Heart of a Cowgirl Photography for the photo reference and to his owner Kylee Sheila Dunn of Pitch Black Stables for graciously allowing me to sculpt him.