Medallions are being cast to fill demand during the BreyerFest Artisan's Gallery (July 9-12) and during the event you can choose between plain white or fancy colors for no additional charge! Colorful medallions can be painted just like normal, or left as is in their vibrant colors.


Chapoteo - meaning splash! - is an Iberian stallion enduring spa day. His eyes are squinted against the stream of hose water, but he is also tempted to have some fun and has stuck his tongue out to play. Chapoteo comes in bust (5 1/2 inches tall) and medallion (4 inches long) form. His water splash is pressure cast in crystal clear UV resistant resin to eliminate air bubbles and prevent yellowing, and finished with a UV resistant gloss coating to further protect and enhance the ultra wet water look. Chapoteo can be purchased with or without the splash. The splash can be temporarily attached with sticky wax, or permanently glued after finishing.

Thanks to Heather Moreton for the photo reference!

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Dahlia and her mini me Rosie is a portrait of a sweet draft mare living the quiet life of retirement. These drafts are generic enough to be painted a variety of colors, which is easy to do with tiny Rosie at 3 inches long. Dahlia is a hefty lady, cast thick and measuring 6 inches long.