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Unicorn Uldrik Deco Colors

Important: Horns shown are for demo purposes only. Unicorn Uldriks are sold without their horns so you can choose your favorites from the unicorn horns section!  Don't forget to check out with an add-on horn if you purchase any of these specialty colors.


2023's specialty colors have 2 updates of old favorites and 2 brand new colors!


- Poltergeist has a new deep purple color this year with the same sparkly holographic bodies

- Siren has an incredible new deep red foil with holographic flakes on rich black

- Spirit is an ethereal white filled with gold flake with bright gold bodies

- Venom is a color shifting green-purple solid color on the bodies and matching green-purple flake backed by a stunning pearly teal-jade

Unicorn Uldrik Deco Colors

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