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A girl and her pony - Valentine represents true partnership and lasting friendship during this season of togetherness. Celebrate Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day!) with a pony of your own! Valentine is a large medallion, measuring 5 1/2 inches across, perfect for replicating all those tiny, important details on custom portraits.

Valentine is an open edition, but only sold in batches. This batch is available to order from Friday, February 14th - Friday, February 21st.



LE Holiday Colors



This 5 inch diameter medallion features a Highland Pony mare delicately plucking a flower from a thistle, the prickly plant many horses and ponies develop a taste for. She is bordered with iconic heather flowers, commonly found on the highlands of Scotland where these hardy little ponies and plants thrive.

These colorful medallions can be painted just like normal, or left as is in their beautiful deco finishes. Highland Ponies come in many colors, but you don't have to let her breed stop you from painting a flashy pinto or appy, as she will look just as cute as a mixed breed.

Seconds are now available. Most require a little air bubble filling, and they are ready to paint!






Abbott, the sassy Arabian swinging his rubber ball, and Costello, the Iberian impishly waving his stolen towel, are now available in a dazzling array of colors. These slightly larger than 4 inch medallions make great gifts and there's no need to find a painter - they can be displayed as-is! Of course, you can paint them as well and they'll look great on your shelves while they wait. There are also solid white castings if you'd rather forego the fancy colors for a discount.

Iridescent and translucent



Deco medallions with surface color imperfections