Chapoteo busts and medallions come with a dollop of Museum Gel for temporary placement. Depending on heat conditions, the gel may be the only thing you need to keep his splash in place! 


Step 1: Make sure your hands are free of oils or wear gloves, roll the Museum Gel into a noodle and place it in the splash as shown. It is helpful to make the noodle for the bust a little longer. Press it lightly so it sticks when flipped over. The gel will spread on its own over time, so there is no need to spread it out.


Step 2: Press the splash onto Chapoteo’s face. Museum Gel settles and will ooze down with gravity. If your medallion will be displayed upright, make sure the gel is well centered to avoid it running down the side of his head. The gel should be centered for the bust as well. If the medallion will be displayed flat, the gel should be slightly visible on the top/right side of his face. The gel can be lifted off and reseated as many times as necesssary.


Step 3: Use a rubber band or hair tie to hold the splash in place for 24 HOURS. Do not disturb it. Rubber banding often causes the splash to slide down the face a little. If it does, simply push it up into place before setting it aside. The bust should remain standing so that the gel settles in the correct direction. The medallion should remain in the position it will be displayed in so that the gel settles in the correct direction.


When you want to remove the splash, simply twist it off! The gel can be re-used if you need to remove it or if the splash falls off on its own. Museum Gel is not meant for anything other than a completely horizontal surface, but in my testing I found that the splash stays on fine most of the time. If you prefer a permanent solution, I tested many glues and found E6000Plus to be the clearest. Take care when using either method, as the glossy finish can be chipped off. If you need to restore your splash to its glossiest, you can use Testors Extreme Lacquer - #1834 Wet Look Clear.


When storing or travelling, you can use glassine paper as a finish protection measure. Keep the glassine bag your splash comes in, or purchase sheets for future use. In a pinch, you can use parchment paper.


You may customize your Chapoteo. Be aware that the base of the bust contains some lead weights for stability and take the appropriate precautions. Always wear an N95 or better respirator when sanding resin, and if you plan to sand the rear of the base, use a P100 respirator.